RETAIL REPORT: Town needs more diversity

Spalding town centre ANL-140218-153952001
Spalding town centre ANL-140218-153952001
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In reference the article in the Spalding Guardian (Thursday, August 13) entitled ‘Changing times for our market towns’, I note that it has taken a report by retail consultants to come to similar conclusions to those that I raised in my published letter of September 23, 2014.

This was in response to the request for ‘big ideas for the future of Spalding’ and I am sure the other points now in this report were probably also put forward by other people at that time.

How much this report cost is not stated, but I doubt it was cheap.

I totally agree with the idea that a variety of shops is needed in the town centre. We really need more in the way of British food retailers, such as grocers and greengrocers, to fill some of the empty premises that litter our high street.

It seems ridiculous that, in an area where vegetables are grown, one has to rely on the supermarkets for these on non-market days.

Hopefully with this latest report, when combined with the earlier responses to the 2014 request, it will enable the necessary improvements to be made to the town centre.