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Moulton Seas End villagers hope that a solution has been found for flooding problem

There are hopes that a resolution has been found for villagers hit by flooding.

As reported previously in the Spalding Guardian, residents living on Roman Bank in Moulton Seas End have been left with gardens submerged in water after it was thought that a pipe used to drain water from a neighbouring field had become blocked.

Residents, who were calling for help from a number of authorities, including the South Holland Internal Drainage Board (IDB), say that there is hope in sight of bringing the flooding under control.

Tricia Day in her flooded garden on Roman Bank, Moulton Seas End (44257333)
Tricia Day in her flooded garden on Roman Bank, Moulton Seas End (44257333)

The IDB was due to meet on February 9 to discuss the issue and in the mean time has began to dig an emergency dyke to help residents who are suffering with flooding.

Speaking yesterday, Charles Briggs, one of the residents who has been calling for help after the flooding left his garden unusable, said: “We are still in a bit of a mess but the IDB is moving forward.

“I spoke to them last night and they are digging a new dyke in which they will half dig as that’s all they can do as the soil will keep falling in while it’s wet.

“They said that then they will go back for approval at their next meeting in May which, if agreed, will mean they can go to the full depth.

“I understand that the land has been donated by Brian Naylor in order for them to do this and that is extremely good of him.

“The IDB are also continuing to pump the water from the field and are looking at investigating the issue with the blockage of the pipe once the water has gone down.

“I think we will have to write off this year as there’s not an easy fix for it, but hopefully now that work has started they will carry on with it.”

Fellow resident Tricia Day hopes that this is a step in the right direction.

She said: “It’s looking quite positive as they’re now in the field digging and putting in trenches which even if it doesn’t help much this year will help next year.

“I’m pleased about it and hoping that it makes a difference. “

Elsewhere, a flood warning was issued for Surfleet Reservoir earlier this week after another period of heavy rainfall.

The alert issued by the Environment Agency stated: “Heavy rain on Saturday, has caused river levels to rise on the River Glen. During periods of high tide, the river will be unable to discharge into the sea, resulting in tide lock conditions. This is likely to lead to localised flooding at Surfleet reservoir.”

However, Coun James Avery of Pinchbeck and Surfleet ward has said that everything seems to be okay currently, after previously having suffered with flooding.

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