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Spalding residents frustrated with street flooding

Residents were left frustrated after their street was left filthy in the latest in a series of floods.

Wentworth Close in Spalding was left covered in water and dirt when a drainage pipe was accidentally burst by gas workers.

Homeowners were exasperated at the time it took for Anglian Water to arrive at the scene - and have revealed this is merely the latest in a succession of flooding incidents on the street.

Residents at Wentworth Close are frustrated with flooding issues. (47669091)
Residents at Wentworth Close are frustrated with flooding issues. (47669091)

Resident Walter Pannell said: “It turns out the pipe burst because it was put together wrong in the first place. There was clearly shoddy workmanship to start with.

“The waiting time was shocking. It took three hours for them to get out to us, by which time the flooding had gotten worse.

“If it had been built right, we wouldn’t have this problem. Anglian Water haven’t been back since the day it happened either.”

2021 flooding at Wentworth Close (47671112)
2021 flooding at Wentworth Close (47671112)

Donna Burke, who also lives on the street, said that water had entered her garage by the time Anglian Water arrived.

“They just didn’t seem interested. They got rid of the water and then just left, we had to clean all the mud ourselves. We had to use a power cleaner, and even after that the streets are still filthy” she said.

“We’ve had the fire brigade out twice in the last 18 months to help with flooding here. This time it was in our garages, next time it might be in our houses.

“What has to happen for someone to actually do something about it?”

Mrs Burke and her husband John say their street is particularly susceptible to flooding because of its low-set position and a tree-cutting project that has decreased natural drainage.

“We worry every time it rains. If it’s on for a few days, we flood really easily and it can rise really quickly.”

Flooding on the street has reportedly dated back to 2019, with Mr Pannell taking photographs on a variety of occasions.

There have been occasions when firefighters have been called out to drain water away. Mr Pannell said when this happens, it takes several hours before they can even begin because of the time it takes to set up their hoses and equipment.

Anglian Water have denied taking three hours to arrive at last Monday’s flood, and say they were on site just under 90 minutes after the original call was made.

They also say that no complaints were made regarding flood water finding its way into residents’ garages.

On Friday, an Anglian Water spokesperson said: “Our teams earlier this week successfully completed repairs to a burst water main on Wentworth Close, Spalding, following third-party damage.

“Supply was swiftly restored to a number of properties in the area while the repairs were carried out. We would like to thank local residents for their patience while these vital repairs were completed.”

The company have asked the residents on Wentworth Close to get in touch with their customer service team if they do need any help with excess water in their street or properties.

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