Residents fuming over road closure

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Around a dozen residents of East Bank, Wingland, feared they were cut off from the outside world when roadworks appeared at the Hospital Road junction.

Resident Janet Blundell said a sign one side of the roadworks declared the road was closed for two days while one the other side read that it was closed for a day.

Mrs Blundell phoned Lincolnshire Highways and says she was asked to talk to the road gang and ask to be let through, which she did and was allowed through.

She said: “Putting up the diversion sign along Garners Lane at around 9am on the Monday morning just after the works have begun is incompetent and a bit late 
for residents who live beyond the roadworks on the north side.”

Mrs Blundell said as it turned out, the road was closed for two-and-a-half hours on June 23 – she’s happy with the repairs, but unhappy with the notice given so soon after a similar poorly advertised closure at Cross Keys Bridge.

Senior highways officer Sue Cooper said: “Unfortunately, due to a change in our working method, one of the signs was wrong. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

There was no comment on Mrs Blundell being asked to talk to the road gang.