Residents fear cats are being poisoned

Survivor: Sooty, who survived a bout of sickness, safe in the arms of his owner, Evelyn McKue. Photo: SG120911-350NG
Survivor: Sooty, who survived a bout of sickness, safe in the arms of his owner, Evelyn McKue. Photo: SG120911-350NG
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RESIDENTS of Spalding’s Royce Road and neighbouring streets say cats are dying after being poisoned.

One mum, who asked not to be named, found her ginger cat having a fit outside the back door at 6.15am last Wednesday and had to have him put to sleep because nothing could be done to save him.

She said: “He attacked me because he was fitting so badly.”

The mum took nine-year-old Kit inside and was left with cuts all over her hands.

She said: “I had to bring him in – I couldn’t just leave him outside like that.

“He wasn’t poorly when he went out the night before. He was completely healthy.

“He was fitting all the time near enough – near the end he was foaming at the mouth.

“Five cats have now died in extremely similar circumstances within about four months.

“I have asked all along the street if anybody’s got anything down that could do this – it’s definitely not the neighbours doing it.

“I just want it documenting so people can keep their eyes on their cats, basically, and just watch out for symptoms.”

Nearby resident Evelyn McKue, of Coronation Close, said her nine-year-old cat Sooty came home on Thursday teatime and started being sick.

She said: “He sat on my chair and then he was sick all over it and then he was sick on the carpet. I think he was poisoned.”

Evelyn’s daughter, Tammy McKue, said a cat was found dying in the road near her Fulney Avenue home a few weeks ago – there were no marks on the cat’s body and it hadn’t been run over by a car.

Tammy said: “A man came and knocked my door and asked if it was my cat. It was still alive at that time but it was dying.

“It hadn’t been run over or anything like that. It just looked as though it was ill.”

The cat died where it was and the man took it to his home to bury it.

The Spadling Guardian has spoken to the vet’s where Kit was seen but the surgery said it could not confirm poisoning because there was no post mortem examination.

The surgery had not seen any other cases from the Royce Road area where poisoning is suspected.

nIn April we reported on a suspected poisoning of a cat at Gedney when a pet was put down after vomiting over the course of several hours. The cat’s owners were told anti-freeze could have been to blame and spills would attract cats because it contains a sweet smelling ingredient.

Spalding police urged residents to report suspicious incidents and to contact them on 0300 1110300.