Residents’ despair over car park fly tipping

Dumped Rubbish'end of Gore Lane, Sp'11/07/12
Dumped Rubbish'end of Gore Lane, Sp'11/07/12
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RESIDENTS and businesses are calling for action to stop flytipping at a Spalding car park.

Piles of rubbish, including mattresses, chairs, black bags and even an electronic printer, have been dumped on Gore Lane car park, leaving people living and working nearby in despair.

The problem has been ongoing for weeks and residents claim the flytipping is getting worse.

Len (79) and Jayne Young (64), of Abbey Path, Spalding, said: “We have reported it to the council that many times and we feel there’s no more we can do.

“The mattresses have been there for three to four weeks and we’ve never, ever seen it so bad.

“It’s been happening ever since the council made it a collection point for black and green bags but the problem is getting worse and the council isn’t picking the rubbish up.

“We have to be very careful because if we try and pick it up ourselves, people might accuse us of flytipping.”

Roberta Gout (33), also of Abbey Path, Spalding, said: “I went to my kickboxing class last Thursday at 7.30pm and when I returned at 9.30pm, there were things added to the rubbish.

“It’s just disgusting and I’ve told the council about it but nothing’s being done.

“My partner has threatened to load the back of his truck with the rubbish and dump it outside the council offices.”

Kim Wiseman, owner of The Salon in Gore Lane, said: “I’ve been here for four years and I’ve rung environmental health about it because it’s not very good for us.

“The look of it is very offputting and it’s an eyesore with bags and glass bottles everywhere.

“The council wants people to come into the town centre but they don’t support us in keeping it looking nice.”

South Holland District Council has previously warned that flytippers faced a £100 on-the-spot fine if they were caught dumping rubbish.

Councillor Roger Gambba-Jones, cabinet member for waste management, said: “The problem of flytipping is not just restricted to Spalding, or indeed South Holland.

“In order to address it effectively through the use of the law, we need to catch the offenders red-handed.

“The very limited resources of the district council means that we need the help of the public to deal with these criminals.”