Residents cut off by BT’s faulty phone cable

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Residents are hopping mad with BT for failing to repair a damaged aerial cable that has left them without land lines or Internet since October 30.

Brenda Pearson, of Hurdletree Bank, Holbeach, says it is costing her a fortune to use her mobile and one call alone to BT – that would have been free on her land line – cost her £2.60.

Mrs Pearson has a sister and other family in America and normally talks to them via Skype.

She talked to her sister after Hurricane Sandy wrought havoc in the States, but hasn’t managed to speak to her since for an update.

Mrs Pearson said BT keep on giving different stories about the reason for the fault and she’s now raised the issue with the office of South Holland and The Deepings MP John Hayes.

She said: “Surely they could have put it right within 20 days? They are just not doing anything. They keep putting it in the paper about superfast broadband but they can’t make the lines they have got work.”

Alison Bigley’s business Hurdletree Nurseries relies on Internet sales and she is having to take two mile trips by car to use a friend’s computer. Her daughters have had their studies interrupted because they rely on the Internet.

BT has apologised for the delay and says it needs to replace 100 metres of cable damaged by tree branches.