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Spalding resident questions road repairs

A Spalding resident has raised questions over road repairs in the town.

Stephen Reedman has asked why Lincolnshire County Council has only carried out “temporary” fixes to the mini-roundabout which connects Halmergate to Albert Street, Low Road and Queens Road.

Mr Reedman feels that this method of repairs must be costly to the county council, which was forced to plug a £12.3million funding gap after a reduction in cash for the county’s roads by the Government.

Repairs to the mini-roundabout at Halmergate, Spalding (45128166)
Repairs to the mini-roundabout at Halmergate, Spalding (45128166)

He said: “I worry about the cost – all we seem to do in this area is tarmac in the holes rather than do a proper job.

You used to see people go out and repair the hole in the road and that would be it – but now it’s just a quick fix rather than a permanent fix.

“All that will happen now is that the potholes will re-emerge in two to three months and they’ll cause more damage to cars.”

Mr Reedman says that Halmergate, which has been plagued with surfacing issues, needs substantial works.

He said: “It feels as though it’s money being poured down the drain.

“I travel on the road every day, to and from work, and it gets worse every time.

“Halmergate really needs a full replacement as it must be draining funds.

“God knows how much the man hours, labour and disruption caused by the latest works to the roundabout on Wednesday (March 10) cost.

“I don’t understand why they did the work when the schools had gone back after such a long time where they were closed due to lockdown.”

Mr Reedman also feels that many other roads in the town need more “permanent fixes” but fears other contractors will only cause damage soon after.

He said: “Halmergate is an absolute mess but it’s not just there – it’s all over the town.

“Now that the schools are back, the school busses are
going to scrape across the top of the potholes.

“In my humble opinion, they need to do the job right and cut the sections out and put a new piece in.

“Having said that, when they do a proper job, often the electricity companies or water company come along and dig a hole in it after a couple of month.

“I just wonder if these temporary fixes have been done due to complaints or if it’s down to the budget?”

We approached Lincolnshire County Council for a comment.

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