Reporter Kate Chapman on: ‘Why I love Lincolnshire’

Cabbage hurling in Holbeach!
Cabbage hurling in Holbeach!
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Lincolnshire – I’m proud to call it my home. It’s not always been the case though – there were times when I was younger I thought it was flat, dull and, well if I’m honest, a teeny bit boring.

But more recently I’ve started to appreciate its finer qualities – and there’s lots to sing and shout about.

There’s no denying it, Lincolnshire folk are a friendly bunch

These are the reasons I love Lincolnshire:

1. The food – if Kent is the garden of England, then Lincolnshire is undoubtedly its bread basket. We grow and produce an enormous amount of wonderfully delicious food. The county is famed for its sausages, haslet and cheese, but let’s not forget all the vegetables grown on our rich fertile soils – in particular the potatoes which supply some of the country’s best fish and chip shops. And then of course there’s an abundance of top notch country pubs and restaurants.

2. Scenery – many would argue that down our southern end of the county the scenery is a little bit flat, and in some parts just one field after another. But I love it. There’s nothing quite like its endless, wide open skies while everything else pales in comparison to the wonder that is a giant Fenland sunset. We’re also lucky enough to have the best of both worlds on our doorstep – with the undulating Wolds to the north, and golden coastal sands on the east coast to enjoy too.

3. People – there’s no denying it, Lincolnshire folk are a friendly bunch. We say ‘hello’ to complete strangers in the street and are always happy to stop and give directions – even if we’ve no idea where we’re sending them.

4. History / heritage – Lincolnshire has a rich and varied history; from the legends of King John’s lost treasure – supposedly residing somewhere at the bottom of The Wash – to the scientific discoveries made by Sir Isaac Newton at his family home near Grantham. Every building, every village and every town has a story to tell about how our forefathers lived and I love finding out about these fascinating little nuggets.

5. The roads – now a lot of people are probably going to disagree with me on this one and say they’re in poor condition, riddled with potholes and need updating – with more dual carriageways desperately needed. And let’s not forget all the slow-moving agricultural traffic and lorries clogging them up. But having lived here all my life, I’ve kind of come to accept – some days even love – the fact our county is connected by these smaller road networks and tiny country lanes – with not a motorway in sight.

6. Language – I never excelled at foreign languages at school, but nevertheless they still fascinate me and in particular how every region has its own words and variations. Sadly lots of our county dialect has fallen by the wayside. It always makes me smile when I unintentionally drop a word such as ‘mizzling’ into the conversation and see my non-Lincolnshire friends looking slightly perplexed.

7. Sense of humour – there’s no denying it, us yellowbellies have a wicked sense of humour. Well, who in their right mind would invent and take to their hearts a sport which involves hurling cabbages via a giant catapult?

8. There’s no place like home – quite simply I think Dorothy got it spot on. I might have strayed from Lincolnshire soil up to Nottingham for three years, but quite honestly I was pleased to leave the city and get back to the countryside. Yes, there’s lots to be said for the bright lights, hustle and bustle and the opportunities – oh, and the shopping – but at the end of the day, there really is no place like home.

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