Remember Spalding’s Eight Gates?

Eight Gates in 1960.
Eight Gates in 1960.
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In a monthly feature, Spalding & District Civic Society is sharing with readers a series of pictures showing changes in Spalding over the last 50 years.

This part of Winsover Road in Spalding is still known by many as the Eight Gates as in the 1960s there were actually eight gates controlling four lines of railway track.

Spalding station was then a six way junction and the gates were more often closed than open.

It was said that if you saw the gates closing you could nip into the barber’s shop known as Slasher Moore’s, get a haircut and be out before the gates opened.

The footbridge was a great place for train spotting.

The Holbeach and Bourne lines closed in 1959, the Boston line in 1970 and March in 1982, and it seemed for a time we would soon be without a railway.

Happily the line has now been completely renewed and our passenger service assured.

Maybe we’ll get a more frequent and extended service soon.

Road traffic delays will inevitably get worse with more frequent trains and the planned extensive house building to the west adding to the congestion.

One way of alleviating the problem would be to build a new pedestrian and cycle bridge over the line with cycleways along Winsover Road. Then we can all get safely back on our bikes which, as we can see from the photograph, is what they did in the 1960s.

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