Relief as library is ‘not on the move’

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FEARS that Long Sutton Library was to be moved to much smaller premises have been put to rest, after sparking a 500-name petition and countless protest letters.

Lincolnshire county councillor Eddy Poll, executive member for cultural services, said yesterday: “There has never been a proposal to move Long Sutton Library, and we wouldn’t make such a change without consulting the local community.”

Sarah Gander started the petition after it became public knowledge that the county council had asked Long Sutton’s Market House management if moving the library there would be feasible.

She said yesterday: “Why didn’t the county council say what Councillor Poll is now saying when I sent the petition off in early June?

“I received two letters in reply to it at the time, both saying the matter would be looked into and one inviting me to formally present the petition at a county council meeting on September 14.

“Everyone in the town is very proud of Long Sutton’s existing library building, which is a fantastic re-use of the former courthouse, converted in 2005 and modernised again only last year.

“It’s also a community hub that accommodates a number of activities. The room in the Market House is far too small to be used in such a way.

“People were appalled that the county council was planning to move it, mostly because there had been no public consultation.

“I shall enquire further now and then decide whether to go ahead and present the petition after all.”

County and district councillor Chris Brewis joined the battle to keep the library where it is. He describes the current premises in Trafalgar Square as one of the county’s flagship buildings.

He too was cautious about Coun Poll’s reassurance and wanted to find out more before commenting in full.

He said yesterday: “If the county council has backed down from making this move, I’m absolutely over the moon.

“I hope this means the present ideal library location is secured.”

Long Sutton Library is open part of every day except Sunday and Wednesday.