Relaunch is imminent

Have your say

LAST week I asked in this column, on our website and on our Facebook and Twitter pages for your suggestions for our relaunch next month, and you certainly didn’t let us down.

Not only was I delighted by the amount of emails I received and the amount of comments left on our websites, but I was also bowled over by the positivity.

You all seemed to realise the need for change if we are to keep providing you with interesting, informative and campaigning papers, and when you did criticise you did it very kindly.

We’ve been chatting through your ideas and some of our own and have already come up with some definites.

When the new-look Spalding Guardian is launched on September 13 it will be with a Village View column and a Thursday Chefs article.

Village View will satisfy your desire for a community feature with a bit of nostalgia, and will see a reporter visiting a village and unearthing its history, stories and interesting characters.

You were also keen on some cooking features, and every Thursday a local chef will talk you through his signature dish, with colourful picture and recipe, and there will be a piece about the pub, hopefully with a readers’ offer.

First to be relaunched, on September 11, will be the Lincolnshire Free Press, and it will include Business News and a court register.

As requested, we will give you information and pictures of all that goes on in the business world, with competitions too, starting with our old favourite Service With A Smile.

Many of you expressed a strong desire for some sort of naming and shaming feature and that’s where Court Register comes in.

It will be a list of all cases that come before Spalding Magistrates’ Court, along with the name and addresses of the defendants, the charges they faced and the outcome. We will still continue to cover the court with full reports at least once a week.

There’s still more decisions to be made so keep the ideas coming in to