REFUSE COLLECTION: Time to bin black bags

Black bin bags ANL-150307-184919001
Black bin bags ANL-150307-184919001
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I completely agree with the views expressed in a letter about refuse collection by South Holland District Council.

I also believe that the use of black bags is outdated and poses a hygiene threat.

I am a retired lorry driver and have driven all over this country.

In recent years, I cannot recall seeing black bags being used anywhere else, although I appreciate this does not mean that they are not used in other places.

In Donington, our collection day is Monday, but refuse bags are left outside some properties as early as Friday afternoon.

This leaves all weekend for cats and rats to forage through the bags, leaving a mess in their wake.

I have walked along our road mid-morning on a Monday and have counted as much as 10 bags torn open by cats, leaving debris scattered along the pavement.

The council advises people to double bag their refuse to avoid this happening. So is the council going to provide us with these extra bags, because the 52 bags per year that we get at present are already inadequate. Perhaps the district council would like us to buy all our own bags.

Wheelie bins would solve all these problems. They would be more hygienic and tidier than black bags. They would also solve the problem of people putting their refuse out before the allocated day.

All the surrounding councils appear to have abandoned plastic bags, so it is time that South Holland bit the bullet and did the same.