REFRENDUM LETTERS: We can’t ignore will of people

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At long last, the referendum is over.

Brexit won by a mile and there can be no ignoring the will of the people or a second chance. It’s done and dusted.

Those of us in the leave camp will do our best to action our promises, but it will not be immediate. It is time to keep our nerve, move on and extract maximum advantage from this new freedom.

Sometimes, it is necessary to look at the bigger picture, with local politicians having a duty to lead from the front.

We should all do our best to work together for our wards, divisions and constituency.

There will be areas where we disagree, that’s necessary and healthy, and there will be further scraps next May, but the priority for the rest of this year – and in the two years following the county elections – must be for our beautiful but often forgotten corner of Britain.

We have our own very unique problems in South Lincolnshire. Only by seeking areas of agreement can we overcome them.

We have to try to bring together all our people, address the concerns of those who voted to remain, help our existing new communities to integrate by education and increased contact, improve our local services and exact our fair share of funding from the Government.

It will not be an easy road but, if we work together, we can do this, even while maintaining our political differences.

Don’t mistake party loyalty for national loyalty. They are not the same thing. It’s incumbent all of us to remember the difference.

Holbeach, South Holland, Lincolnshire, England and the UK are my own very personal priorities.

There is a whole world out there that can be used to improve them, including Europe – we’ve not moved into the Atlantic .

We just need to be skilful enough to seize the opportunities available.