REFERERENDUM LETTERS: We need immigrants but not in overwhelming numbers

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For me, the EU referendum was about immigration.

Too many were allowed in, with no rules in place to stop them.

The UK does need immigrants, but not in the overwhelming quantities that came over.

There are not enough jobs, homes, schools, hospitals or emergency services to cope with such an influx.

In Lincolnshire, it is not just Boston which is struggling; Spalding is too.

There are parts of this country where life has not changed, but, for others, life can be unbearable.

Many immigrants simply do not wish to integrate with their English counterparts and are are distant and ignorant to our laws.

Everyone has faults and I’m certainly not saying the English are perfect, but, in my opinion, foreigners need to show a greater appreciation of our customs and history if they wish to integrate into our communities and societies.

That would go a long way to gaining respect.