REFERENDUM: No other country that I know of would accept such a narrow majority as binding

South Holland referendum result
South Holland referendum result
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Ever since the outcome of the referendum was announced, I have been waiting with increasing anger and dismay for MPs of all persuasions to respond – preferably very loudly – to a number of points.

A referendum in which some, maybe many, voted on misinformation amounting to bribery is a national disgrace, not a mandate. Cameron called it that, wrongly, and MPs have not questioned it. Why not?

No other country that I know of would accept such a narrow majority as binding. Some UK countries did not even have a majority for leaving.

The 1,000-plus lawyers’ letter to the Prime Minister, published in the New Statesman I think, gives cogent reasons why the referendum is legally advisory only. It suggests a Royal Commission for a short time, to examine the EVIDENCE, and then another referendum. But I have heard of no response to these statesmanlike, unbiased suggestions. Why not?

In the face of all this, to insist that slavishly following the outcome of the referendum is in the service of democracy is appalling and frightening. One has to wonder if it is not rather in the service of MPs keeping their seats. Failure to have an urgent early debate has been a sheer dereliction of duty by MPs on all sides. Failure of the opposition to oppose has been absolutely stunning. It leaves a huge body of opinion completely unrepresented, another dereliction of duty.

A comment, not mine: “If a surgeon obtained your consent to surgery by lies, cut you open, and then had no idea how to proceed, s/he would be struck off. You have more redress over a faulty toaster than a disgustingly flawed referendum.”

Our children and grandchildren will be the victims of Brexit. Are not MPs and parties there to provide good government? Can it be good government to activate Brexit on the basis of a scandalous referendum, when the damage it will do is daily more apparent and more horrifying?

I would like to see LibDems shouting all this at the top of their lungs. I left Labour and joined you recently in that hope

Margaret Leyton

South Lincs Lib Dems