REFERENDUM LETTERS: Let’s throw off shackles

Lincolnshire County Councillor Victoria Ayling. EMN-160423-124017001
Lincolnshire County Councillor Victoria Ayling. EMN-160423-124017001
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At last, we can leave the shackles of the EU and become a proud independent nation again.

I was over the moon to see that Boston residents had topped every leave vote in the country with 75 per cent and that East Lindsey had 70 per cent.

Our towns and surrounding areas have been blighted by uncontrolled migration from the EU.

The elite political establishment cannot begin to understand what it is like to live with the results of their own lack of foresight and planning.

At last the people have spoken, particularly strong Lincolnshire people, who had the guts and strength of will to vote for what was right for our country.

There are already those trying to fudge the issue and trying to keep us in the EU by the back door.

It is up to UKIP to make sure the democratic will of the people is kept.

Thank you to everyone in Lincolnshire who voted with their heads and hearts to get our country back.