REFERENDUM LETTER: Standing still not an option

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There has been some speculation about the future of UKIP post-referendum.

It is being claimed that now the party has achieved its original and primary goal, it can now sit back and leave it to the experts; the very same people who were so sure that the remain camp would win, that those of them in actual government made no contingency plans for Brexit. Some experts.

UKIP ceased to be a single issue party years ago. Anyone who bothered to read our 2015 manifesto would have seen that perfectly clearly. There is still much to do at both local and national level. Little matters like healthcare, education, housing, forward planning, devolution, fair distribution of resources, HS2, overseas aid and rural transport.

Just like other parties, we have decided to reorganise and restructure under new leadership. Exactly how that goes will depend on who is elected to lead our party.

There are several excellent candidates and the membership will decide.

Post-referendum was the best time for politics to take a look inwards, that’s why it’s happening now, not because anyone chickened out.

Europe, too, has been hugely changed by our vote, to our advantage.

Change was inevitable. Our nation was at a crossroads and we had to choose between two different directions. Standing still was not an option.

We made the right decision and now we need to implement it. That requires all of us to get behind the decision and move forwards.

On the issue of borders and immigration, please note that everyone in the leave campaign insisted on respecting the present rights of existing, legally-established EU and other foreign citizens.

There is still much to do if we want a government that puts the people first, rather than themselves or special interest groups and privileged elites.

Paul Foyster


UKIP South Holland and 
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