RECYCLING: Where do we put stuff they won’t take?

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I write concerning the article about the dumping of rubbish as highlighted by Roger Gambba-Jones (South Holland District Council’s portfolio holder for waste management) with his comments about how many adult elephants it amounts to that has inspired quite a few jokes on assorted regional radio programmes since it appeared in print, judging from telephone calls received so far.

So to those outsiders who wonder if Lincolnshire is now a safari park, it’s not as yet.

However, the cost of removing items that have been fly-tipped is self inflicted as I have, along with others, been in the Recycling Centre in Spalding to hear people being told by staff they can’t bring “that sort of waste or rubbish” in there.

But if not, where can they take it as no advice is ever offered – but it’s hardly atomic waste or radio active isotopes being taken in.

Perhaps a separate section could be put aside for dumping these considered offensive items or is this concept too hard to comprehend as at least the clean-up teams would not have to drive all over the area to collect it.

Lesley Adams