Recruiting police specials

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SPALDING and Holbeach police specials are expecting to be overwhelmed by wannabes at their recruitment evening on Thursday, October 11.

So many members of the public wanted to join up with the all-volunteer force at last year’s event that this year it will be held at a larger venue – Boston Police Station.

Anyone aged 18 or over is invited to report to the front desk at 7pm along with volunteers for the Boston specials, who are being recruited then too.

Police special inspector for Spalding and Holbeach Darren Sutton said: “We couldn’t fit everyone in last year at Spalding. Boston station has a large training room with plenty of space for everyone.

“With more cuts on the way the Specials are more vital than ever.”

Those signing up at Boston on the night will be vetted and given a medical before being accepted for training. The probationary first year would not begin until 2013.

Most specials do a full-time job alongside their mandatory 16 hours per month of voluntary policing.