Recruiting parade comes to Spalding

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One hundred years ago the Recruiting Parade throughout the towns and villages of south Lincolnshire by the 2/4th and 3/4th Lincolns was a thorough success.

The report of the event said the soldiers “being everywhere received with enthusiasm, and a good number of recruits being obtained”.

Crowds turned out to watch Colonel Hutchinson march from New Road, Spalding, at the head of his men, with, on the left, Colour-Sergeant Barwis, of Spalding, the oldest surviving member of the local Volunteers, while Captain Eking and Adjutant Phillips, both on horseback, are on the right of the Colonel.

The local officers included Lieuts Charles L Harvey (Spalding), W E Porter (Deeping St Nicholas), and A Clark (Moulton Eaugate).