Readers appalled at cheap booze sales

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GUARDIAN and Free Press online readers have expressed their outrage through our website over cheap booze on sale in a Spalding town centre shop alongside shampoo and soap powder.

Discount health and beauty store Savers is selling cut-price beer and wine at the same time as concern grows about on-street drinking in the town centre.

More than 40 messages have been left on our Spalding Today website, most of them in opposition to Savers having alcohol on sale in its shop.

One message from rollo said: “I’m angry, disgusted and find it appalling that the (licensing) authorities have given out yet another drinks license as if it’s lemonade that the shops will be selling.

“The tradespeople of Spalding are trying to find ways of bringing shoppers back into the town centre, but I don’t think this is the way forward.”

Another message from joggaju said: “Aren’t we told that booze and medicines just don’t mix? So why allow the sale of both under one roof?

“We don’t need more booze outlets in a town the size of Spalding.”

Spalding and District Area Chamber of Commerce has raised concerns about the number of alcohol licenses applications with South Holland District Council which brought in powers to reduce town centre on-street drinking in December 2009.

A joint statement from the council and Lincolnshire Police said: “Both South Holland District Council and Lincolnshire Police understand the concerns of local residents about street drinking in Spalding town centre and have been working together to tackle the issue.

“A Designated Public Places Order (DPPO) was made by the council for the town centre in December 2009 which means that the police can deal with anyone who has been drinking, is drinking or is about to drink in a DPPO area. We will continue to work together to address local concerns about street drinking.”

Meanwhile, a Savers spokesperson said: “As a responsible retailer we have taken great care to ensure full compliance with licensing regulations and our store team is fully trained.”