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One reader annoyed at South Holland District Council and another hits out at Pinchbeck homes plan

Here are this week's Lincolnshire Free Press letters...

Will residents ever get to have a say on any of these things?

Like many others, I’ve been reading the recent statements by senior councillors on South Holland District Council about the proposed link-up with Boston and East Lindsey councils with some dismay.

At a time when the challenges facing our area are blindingly obvious, it seems that they are once again putting all their energies into ensuring that the services on which South Holland residents depend are to be run from anywhere but South Holland.

Even the council’s employees, it seems, have been kept in the dark about what’s going on.

It’s as if the ultimate aim of Councillors Gary Porter and Gary Taylor is to ensure that members of the ruling Conservative group have as few direct responsibilities for service delivery as possible, whilst presumably continuing to pay themselves the same level of allowances.

As a Spalding resident, I’ve watched the deterioration of the town centre and its surrounds with growing sadness.

To cap it all, we’re now forced to witness the rundown of our main centre for arts and culture, the South Holland Centre.

I have no doubt that, before long, plans for the Centre to be handed over to another organisation will creep into the media, and we’ll be told that it’s all to save money, never mind that there may be no guarantee of its continued availability for local music societies and dance and theatre groups.

Is there any chance that we, the residents for whose benefit the council supposedly exists, will ever get to have a say on any of this? I’m not going to hold my breath.

Martin Blake

South Holland Green Party

Joohn Elson's Lincolnshire Free Press cartoon (49798972)
Joohn Elson's Lincolnshire Free Press cartoon (49798972)

This plan overloads infrastructure

The planned housing development in Milestone Lane, Pinchbeck was again raised by residents at the last parish council meeting.

I support their objection. I have met one subsequently on my walks around the village who thanked me for this.

I have read the planning application which is very eloquent but missing the vital issues of overloading the local infrastructure and flood risk, especially traffic on Pinchbeck Road. We are still set to have “the largest cul de sac in Europe” with phase one of District Plan and now another 96 houses in Wardentree Lane. How does this help our CO2 reduction target?

Douglas Dickens

Pinchbeck Parish Councillor

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