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LETTER: Holbeach one-way system would ensure better traffic flow

At last a reply from a politician.

Without wishing to argue with a man who has done so much for the town of Holbeach, I am grateful that Coun Biggadike has noted my views on the Holbeach transport strategy.

I am however slightly disappointed that he has given a politician’s answer. He has deflected the points raised and tried to disguise them behind the Holbeach drainage issue.

The two items are separate for the purposes of discussion but may well be able to be linked if we were have a definite strategy for the

Anglian Water is responsible for our foul sewers and yes, Coun Biggadike is correct that they do take storm water into

Anglian Water is therefore responsible for ensuring that these sewers can cope.

Not all storm water sewers are the responsibility of Anglian Water, many are Lincolnshire County Council assets and are therefore operated on a reactive maintainence regime, ie fixed after they fail.

Coun Biggadike will be aware that I do actually know a fair bit about how the county council operates.

My original letters have been sent in to open debate about what this transport strategy is proposing; and that is to block Park Road.

I will say once again that this is not a solution to making more people want to work in and visit Holbeach.

Yes, my vision is simplistic, but that is the point. It would be simple to design a scheme that would enable the town centre to become a more attractive place.

I am sure that there would be some people who wouldn’t like the creation of a one-way system down the streets he mentions.

However the current reality down those streets is that they are one-way because of the vehicles that park along them.

A newone-way system would ensure a better flow of traffic down these roads.

My comments regarding car parking are that we have been talking for 20 years about linking Park Road to the High Street.

I am sure that there is a conversation to be had with the landowners who have been involved in these discussions and that for the correct market value a substantial piece of land (Merchant Mews) directly behind the High Street and through to Park Road could be purchased to facilitate more car parking.

Time restrictions are the answer to cars parking in spaces all day. Free parking would be the dream.

The real point of my letter is that we may well have missed the boat with regard to some sort of community infrastructure levy that could have delivered all that we are talking about.

Much of this land is owned historically by Lincolnshire County Council.

Would 1,800 plots, on Peppermint Junction, at £1,000 per plot not deliver a substantial amount towards a scheme that delivers everything that has been talked about for 20 years?

If you ask the other town developers if they will let their contributions go into the same pot, I am sure the answer would be yes.

Every plot within the new plan is contributing towards education. This is at a time when all schools have more than enough places.

Let’s divert the money to the High Street and a one-way system.

Do Long Sutton and Market Deeping shops thrive because they are nice places? No, it’s because you can park outside their doors.

Let’s start the discussions on atransport strategy that actually refers to the Holbeach regeneration scheme. To date, I have been unable to find out where that document exists.

Des Ford

via email

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