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Fundraising cyclists subjected to racist abuse in Spalding

A group of cyclists raising money for charity were left shocked after racist comments were made towards them.

On Saturday, six members of a group of 38 cyclists raising money for humanitarian work in Yemen, passed through Spalding when the offensive comments were made.

Imtiaz Ali was one of the cyclists taking part in the 63 mile ride from Peterborough to Skegness who was subjected to the comments in Sheep Market, which was filmed and posted on social media.

The group of 38 cyclists rode to Skegness from Peterborough (38943175)
The group of 38 cyclists rode to Skegness from Peterborough (38943175)

He said: “We were in the town and we were riding through what we didn’t realise was a pedestrianized zone when this chap in a car decided to educate us.

“He shouted at us to get off the bikes as the police were round the corner and they would fine us.

“However, one of the guys didn’t hear him which was when he shouted ‘you lazy b*****d’ at him.

“We stopped and approached the gentleman who then began to swear at us and went on to say‘I don’t like you ethnic foreign b******s’ –he made it clear that he didn’t like the colour of our skin.”

Imtiaz had been filming parts of his journey to show friends and family, meaning he was ready to record the moments after the comments had been made.

The video was posted on social media and has been viewed more than 6,000 times.

He said: “I think the guy realised he had picked on the wrong group of Asians. One of the riders was an off duty police officer, so he showed him his ID and asked for name and address but he refused to cooperate.

“After that he stopped, he didn’t get out of the car but he was very aggressive verbally and I was quite shocked by how open he was about it.

“I was quite disappointed really. We were just doing a charity bike ride and one idiot decided to make these comments.

“It’s difficult to understand why people are like this.

“We passed on his car registration to the police so they should be able to find him.”

Despite the incident, the cyclists completed their ride, which was carried out in memory of their friend, Kasim Iklaq, who passed away aged 30 earlier this month, and, so far, have raised just under £3,000 which will be sent to Yemen by Peterborough charity Children of Adam.

Imtiaz added: “Spalding was lovely to ride through, people were giving us a thumbs up and cars were being really careful too.

“It was a great day and we didn’t let that one guy ruin it.”

To donate, please visit: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/peterborough-rides-for-yemen

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