Quadring dog rescue owner wins permission to continue

South Holland District Council
South Holland District Council
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A woman who runs a dog rescue from her Quadring home will be allowed to continue with her work.

Elizabeth Seal, of Main Road, had to submit a retrospective planning application, as she keeps more than six dogs in kennels in her back garden.

Miss Seal spoke passionately about her rescue work and said she would not have bought the property if she had known there would be an issue with keeping the dogs there.

Currently, there are 14 dogs being taken care of at the site, in purpose-built kennels.

Committee chairman, Coun Roger Gambba-Jones, urged members to think with their heads, not their hearts, on the potentially-emotive decision.

Coun Rodney Grocock revealed he had been at a Quadring parish council meeting, where “not one member was in favour of this. They all stated it was in the wrong location.

“It’s a very worthwhile thing, to rescue dogs, but this is in the wrong location.”

Coun Anthony Casson concurred, adding: “You can’t predict a problem, I just cannot support this.”

When the suggestion of a time limit of a year on any planning consent - as recommended by planning officers - was brought up, Coun Grocock added: “I think it would be more accountable, but I dofeel a year is far too long for our residents.

“I would be more in favour if it could be six months.”

Chairman Gambba-Jones replied that putting a limited time gives people chance to complain, but conversely, he added, what we have experienced is the person ceasing the activity completely to ensure there were no complaints!”

However, councillors agreed permission for the shelter for a year, when the application will be reviewed.