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Candidates battling to be the next MP for South Holland and the Deepings have welcomed the chance to answer questions from Guardian readers.

We are giving you the chance to put questions to all six prospective parliamentary candidates – and their answers will be published in the Guardian on Thursday, June 1, exactly a week before the election.

The candidates are Conservative John Hayes, who has been MP for the area since 1997, Labour’s Voyteck Kowalewski, Julia Cambridge of the Liberal Democrats, Jane Smith of UKIP, Dan Wilshire of the Green Party and Independent candidate Rick Stringer.

In Tuesday’s Lincolnshire Free Press the Conservative, Liberal Democrat, UKIP and Green candidates all welcomed the chance to answer questions from the public.

Yesterday, Labour candidate Mr Kowalewski said: “I am delighted to have this 
opportunity to answer the questions from the readers of the Guardian and Free Press.

“As it happens with snap elections, the timescales are very tight and opportunities for voters to challenge the candidates and ask questions are few.

“I therefore would like to thank the editor and the team for enabling this to happen.

“I believe that representing people starts from listening to them and understanding what their concerns are. I am also looking forward to an opportunity to explain how the Labour Party is going to address these concerns.”

Readers have until 5pm tomorrow (Friday) to submit their questions.

Each question will be submitted to all six candidates so please do not ask questions of individuals.

• At the time of going to press we had not managed to make contact with Mr Stringer.