Pupils win kids v parents sing-off!

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Snowman danced and stars twinkled as Key Stage 1 pupils at William Stukeley Primary School put on their Christmas presentation.

There were three performances of It’s A Nativity, which combined singing and dancing with a traditional Christmas story.

More than 220 parents attended two performances of the show and the school’s Key Stage 2 pupils watched the third show.

“We had a very, very confident Angel Gabriel and some really fierce inn-keepers,” laughed Kingfishers Class (Year 2) teacher Catherine Cuthberton.

“The songs were amazing and we put together a medley of carols for the parents - and they were pants compared to the kids!

“We had a sing-off between children and parents and the children won hands-down.

The 120 children in Key Stage 1 all took part in the performance and also enjoyed their Christmas party yesterday.