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Former Spalding landlord swaps pints for mole catching

A former Spalding pub landlord has made the move from pouring pints to mole catching.

Pete Williams, known by many as Punchbowl Pete after spending 22 years at The Punchbowl on New Road, has now taken on the role of ‘Punch-mole’ Pete.

Pete hopes that with his new business venture, HuntaMole, he will be able to help to keep South Holland free of pesky moles.

Former pub landlord Pete Williams has set up a new business. (45617034)
Former pub landlord Pete Williams has set up a new business. (45617034)

He said: “Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be doing this but here I am!

“It started about 8 weeks ago - I have a friend in Whaplode who had a seven acre field of moles and he said ‘if you’re looking for something why don’t you buy some traps and catch them?’.

“I went and did some research into it and found that there’s a huge community across the country - especially in areas of farmland where the farmers don’t want moles on their grazing land.

“Because the fields here are mostly arable because the soil is so good, the majority of my business is gardens but there’s a couple of fields we are working on and they’re certainly a challenge.

“I’m constantly learning through the help of other people in the community, books and DVDs.”

After having left the New Road pub last February, Pete has recently teamed up with his wife Steph to try and outsmart the area’s very clever moles - but sometimes it can be a lengthy process.

He said: “Moles aren’t silly and they are very suspicious creatures. It’s very often a battle of wits and they win a lot!

“They are around all year round but it’s usually around this time of year when they start to bother people as they begin to cut their grass.

“People waste money on these solar devices to get rid of them but they don’t work - two or three mole hills could represent a dozen tunnels and you’ve got to find the right tunnels.

“There are all different kinds of tunnels and some of them aren’t used that often - it’s very complex.”

But why has Pete swapped the Spalding nightlife scene for animals which only tend to emerge at night?

“It’s something new and it gets us both out of the house,” said Pete.

“The hardest bit is getting up off the ground!

“I’ve never been the sort of person to kill anything but you would cry if you saw the state of some gardens - it’s a necessity and if no one did it it would be murder.

“We’re over the moon with it and it’s nice to be learning and keeping the brain ticking over.”

For information, give Pete a call on 07971 112114.

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