PUBS: Good food seems to be the only way to succeed now

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Regarding your stories on pub closures. The various different legislations targeted at pubs over the recent past – drink driving, no smoking, and other aspects affecting the public’s disposable income, including the ‘credit crunch’ and the ‘bedroom tax’, have all contributed to the closure of pubs.

However, the most effective way to close pubs has been the way the Government has allowed supermarkets to sell alcohol at well under the price charged by pubs.

Despite my occasional letters to our MP and Ministers, suggesting ways that they may create a level playing field, they have all come to nothing. As a ‘card carrying’ member of CAMRA, I have joined just about every petition to improve the lot of publicans; unfortunately they too, have only been partially successful.

It would appear that pubs which sell good quality food, at a reasonable price, are the only ones that are likely to succeed.

Take for example, The Anchor at Sutton Bridge and The Granary at Long Sutton and the Red Lion at Wisbech, all of which seem to be doing well.

Chris Brandon-King

Sutton Bridge