Publishing deal for board game creator James

James Smith with a prototype of his game at last years UK Games Expo.
James Smith with a prototype of his game at last years UK Games Expo.
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A games inventor from Moulton is on the brink of seeing his creation in the shops this summer.

James Smith has just signed a publishing deal with Paul Lamond Games Ltd for his creation ‘Reveal’.

The 46-year-old came up with the idea for the knowledge-based family board game ‘with a unique twist’ one Christmas.

Originally called ‘Revealations’ it’s been re-branded as ‘Reveal’ as publishers felt it sounded snappier.

James said: “I am a little bit shocked that it’s becoming a reality.

“I always believed in the game and it seems people do really like it. Very few board games actually get published.”

He worked on the game for five years before unveiling prototypes to the public last March with a play test at Spalding’s Bookmark in The Crescent.

The UK Games Expo at the Birmingham NEC followed and he had interest from Hasbro and John Adams Toys, before Paul Lamond Games signed the deal.

He said: “People thought the game was fantastic and wanted to buy it there and then.”

We reviewed an early proto type of the game in this paper last year and loved it.

The tagline to the game is ‘no questions - just answers.’

The aim is to test your knowledge of song, TV and movie titles, collecting tokens as you go around the board.

When you land on a ‘category’ square your opponent takes a card from the corresponding category.

They put it into a card sleeve so that you can only see the first letter of each word of either a song, TV or movie title.

For example, if it’s a song you might see the letters T,P,O,L.

You get two guesses to work out the title and if you’re wrong them your opponent reveals the next two letters of the word, and so on.

You get points depending on how many attempts it takes you to guess the answer.

In the example, the answer was The Power Of Love.

James is launching a re-branded version of the game at the UK Toy Fair in London on 23-25 January.

He said: “The view is that the game will be in shops such as John Lewis, Debenhams and Argos from August.”

James spent £2,500 on creating early prototypes of the game but he’s made that back after getting an advance from his publishers.


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