Public scathing over street lights review

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Councillors are to review the impact of a reduction in street lighting across the county.

Lincolnshire County Council began a roll out programme last year, switching off 38,000 lights at night, permanently switching off several thousand more and replacing bulbs with LEDs – to save hundreds of thousands of pounds each year.

Now, a scrutiny committee will consider how the policy has been implemented and whether there needs to be any adjustments in the light of experience.

It will also look at requests of individual examples.

A second review will consider ways of maximising the use of IT, the opportunities available to communicate better, such as Skyping, and reduce the need for staff to travel long distances.

“These two topics we’ve identified are current and important public issues” said Coun Robert Parker, chairman of the Overview and Scrutiny Management Board.

“Councillors will delve deeper into the details to find out more, speak to individuals involved and service users and recommend any ways in which things might be improved.”

The aim is to set up the panels by September and report back to the council within six months.

However, on our website readers were not hopeful of any changes.

One said: “Given that this policy was brought in without any democratic reference or consultation, why should we think that the findings of any review will be actually considered? Costly tick-box exercise.”

Another said: “ Lincs CC blindly following orders from Tory Central Office is the cause of many problems, including this.

“Where we are there are few street lights anyway but since they are now off they constitute a very real danger. Utter contempt for the electorate as always from an out of touch elite.

Another said: “More talk, less services, more rates. I find it incredulous that we pay for things that we don’t get, pay more for things that are cut back, pay more rates.

“Why? To support central government in its decision to cut funding to local government.

“We are taken for mugs, the council should be on to Whitehall and its incumbents for correct amounts of funding.

“Never mind talking shops to see if we may have the lights back on. The one thing councillors can do, and that is talk.”

And another poster said: “So that’s reporting back just as the clocks change next year, whilst Lincolnshire remains in darkness all winter.”


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