Public is split over Swan Street closure

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COUNCILLORS are to again press for the closure of a Spalding junction because they are convinced residents would back it if they knew the full picture.

An experimental temporary closure of Swan Street’s junction with Station Approach took place last year, during which there was an improvement in the traffic flow.

However, an informal survey of people in the immediate area before the road re-opened in mid-December showed 60/40 were against closure.

Coun Roger Gambba-Jones told Spalding Town Forum he believed the wrong question had been asked and residents thought they had to consider the closure of the whole road.

He said: “We are just talking about the junction and it should improve the flow for businesses. One comment against closure was from a chain store manager who claimed it would take longer to get to work, but it’s just not true.

“The road has been closed on three occasions for repairs and it was the residents who were contacting us to say the flow was better.”

Coun John Honnor suggested they should wait in case Corbo’s plans for the Holland Market area had any impact on the town centre road network.

But forum chairman Coun George Aley said he felt it was time to move now. He said: “We’ve talked about this time and time again. We know there is a big difference in traffic flow and it is better when the junction is closed. Now is the time we should be looking at better traffic management.”

Coun Gambba-Jones said Lincolnshire County Council should be asked to conduct a proper consultation. He said: “They should go through the proper process, send out formal notices, get feedback and have a 12-month closure of the junction, followed by a consultation.

“Then we can really see what people think and if enough people are for it, get it closed.”

The forum agreed to request Lincolnshire County Council should revisit the matter and go through the proper process.