Pub became a base for RAF

Joe Tickner behind the bar. SG080813-118NG
Joe Tickner behind the bar. SG080813-118NG
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The Jolly Farmer pub in Moulton Chapel became a place where US military could “handover” to the British military following the plane crash on Wednesday.

Joe Tickner, who has owned the pub for 24 years said: “The police came in on Wednesday night and asked us if eight of the lads could come in and use the pub as a base type thing.

“Then there was ten and eventually there were about 40 of them, after a mini-bus and double decker bus filled with the RAF turned up.

“I was on the bar and my cook stayed on to provide them with food, but most of the lads just ate bar snacks.

“They were fabulous lads and seemed quite relieved that nobody had been seriously hurt or killed.”

Joe was unaware that the plane crash had happened at first. He said: “I didn’t know anything had happened - my wife was in Egypt and she called me to ask if I had seen about it on the news - that’s when I found out.”

“We had a few punters in who had been in the war, so they had great conversations with the RAF lads who were just tip-top guys.

“It was actually a really good night - it was fantastic - it’s just such a shame that it was down to the fact a plane had crashed.”