Psychology sessions in Spalding

South Lincolnshire's first Macmillan nurse, Glenys Crawley as she was then.
South Lincolnshire's first Macmillan nurse, Glenys Crawley as she was then.
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They may be spotted reading magazines in the dentist’s waiting area without ever going for treatment.

They’ve probably got raging toothache, but a phobia about visiting the dentist is preventing them from seeking a remedy.

Help with overcoming phobias is the sort of thing Spalding chartered counselling psychologist Glenys Bower-Macer offers – and just walking in the road where the surgery is based or sitting in the waiting area is a big hurdle for some, but may begin the process of reducing their anxiety.

At the other end of the scale Glenys specialises in trauma, and has helped a veteran still experiencing flashbacks 25 years after being blown up and seeing comrades killed, or those who were abused in childhood.

In between are the many people suffering things like depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder and other mental health issues that an astonishing one in four of us will experience in our lifetime.

Glenys actually retired from seeing patients within the NHS five years ago, but missed the work so much she has started running private sessions on a Tuesday afternoon at Tonic Health in Spalding – through self-referrals as well as those by doctors and other agencies.

When people arrive at her clinic they may ask, ‘Are you going to make me better?’, but Glenys says: “I say ‘no’, I am going to help you make yourself better, but it’s enabling a person to find their own answers.”

Glenys, who comes from Moulton Chapel, may already be known to many families in south Lincolnshire – as the first Macmillan nurse in this district in the late 1980s, when she was known as Glenys Crawley.

Nursing was her first career after Spalding High School, though she fairly quickly started studying for her first psychology degree.

“It was what I had always wanted, says Glenys. “From the age of 14 my interest was what makes people tick, but at that time there was no psychology A level at the school I went to.”

She worked at the psychology department at Peterborough from 1993, and since that time has gained two further higher degrees as well as her professional qualification, becoming chartered in 2002. The specialism in trauma “came naturally” says Glenys.

Helping people get their lives back on track also chimes with her personal philosophy as a long-time Buddhist. Glenys hopes to be able to offer meditation, relaxation and mindfulness sessions at Tonic Health in the future.

To contact Glenys go to Tonic Health at 6 Broadgate House, or telephone 01775 725059, 07511 678290 (office hours) or email