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Spalding area MP Sir John Hayes MP: Protecting British business is about more than money

To challenge the orthodoxy of zealous ‘free traders’ has come to be regarded as unthinkable; to offer a contrary opinion unfathomable. Yet, beyond the confines of Westminster and the gated lives of the establishment, most people know that unrestricted free trade is rarely truly free and seldom fair.

Decades of economic policy led to the hording of capital and as a smaller number of Britons have a meaningful slice of our nation’s wealth, financial power resides in fewer hands.

Previous Governments, by failing to tackle unsustainable public and personal debt, tipped the national economy into crisis and plunged many families into despair. Simultaneously, the creation of monopolistic corporate behemoths, which, by crippling competition - disadvantaging consumers, for whose interests they have such little genuine regard – has stifled the pluralism so vital to the health of a free economy.

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