Progress for crackdown on drinking in streets

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ALMOST 40 alcohol seizures have been made in Spalding’s town centre in the last two weeks by police fighting against anti-social behaviour.

Officers have confiscated alcoholic drinks 38 times and issued 12 section 27 notices to ban people from anti-social behaviour in the town centre as part of Operation Trunk.

Sgt Stuart Hurst said: “This does not alter the fact that there is no drinking ban in Spalding, unless the law changes or the council introduces a bylaw.

“People drinking alone are entitled to drink; there is nothing to prevent that from happening but where those people are committing anti-social behaviour we will act.”

Sgt Hurst said people spending more time outside during the lighter evenings after the clocks moved forward was one reason for the increase in action.

He added: “We have listened to the community’s concerns and are looking to tackle the problem.”

Last week our sister paper the Lincolnshire Free Press issued an appeal from Sgt Hurst for the public to report incidents in the town as they happen.

He said if incidents such as drunken behaviour are reported, officers can be judged on the results. However, he said witnesses often leave it for a few days and then complain to the police about officers not doing anything.