Pro-EU group formed in Spalding

A pro-EU group has been formed in Spalding
A pro-EU group has been formed in Spalding
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A new branch of the European Movement has been formed in Lincolnshire.

The European Movement is a grassroots, independent pro-European organisation that works to give a voice to those who believe Britain’s future lies side by side with its European partners.

The Movement has been in existence since 1947 and counts Winston Churchill among its founding members. Active in more than 40 countries, it has led the campaign for a dynamic, popular, integrated and efficient Europe that has delivered jobs, security, prosperity and justice for nearly 70 years.

The Lincolnshire branch was inaugurated in Spalding earlier this month when members met for the first time and set about the formalities of electing a chair and other constitutional matters.

The objectives are to promote the EU, disseminate a positive image of the EU and Britain’s role in Europe, campaign for the UK to remain a member of the EU and undertake other activities to further the aims and objectives of the European Movement.

Since the referendum in June 2016, the European Movement has continued to campaign to ensure Britain’s role in Europe is beneficial to the country.

• For information on how to join the Lincolnshire branch of the European Movement email Lincolnshire@