Prison threat still hangs over migrants’ rights defender from Spalding

Andy Hall
Andy Hall
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A British human rights campaigner is facing up to seven years in a Thai prison for raising instances of modern slavery in the country.

Calls have continuously been made for all charges against Spalding man Andy Hall to be dropped 
and for the Thai authorities to respect the rights of human rights defenders.

Andy has fought to protect human rights in South East Asia for the past 10 years and took part in key research which alleged dreadful treatment of migrant workers in a large Thai company.

With four separate charges and countless appeals, Labour MEPs and the TUC continue to call for his harassment to end.

Earlier in the year Andy had a travel ban imposed on him as he awaits trial later this year, accused of computer crimes and criminal defamation.

He said:“I am confident that the criminal court system in Thailand will deliver justice in this case. Researching migrant worker conditions is not and should not be a crime.

“This case is just another example of unacceptable judicial harassment of rights activists that remains far too prevalent in Thailand and across the region.”

East Midlands MEP, Glenis Willmott, said:“I can’t believe that Andy’s trial has got this far. He has rightly highlighted the dreadful treatment of some migrant workers and the treatment that he has been subjected to is completely unacceptable.

“Labour MEPs have highlighted Andy’s plight in European Parliament and to the Thai Ambassador. We have called on the Thai authorities to end this harassment.

“Human rights are top of the EU agenda and we will continue to call for decent working rights.”

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said:“This judicial harassment is continuing only to discourage others from standing up for justice in exploitative workplaces.”