Priest ‘saddened’ at lack of action over graffiti

Not the Madonna and Child, Monkshouse Playing Field ANL-150222-133846009
Not the Madonna and Child, Monkshouse Playing Field ANL-150222-133846009
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It may not be a Banksy, but the powerful image of Madonna cradling a bottle of alcohol that has looked down on Spalding for years may soon be removed.

Since the graffiti, believed to be an attack on street drinkers, first appeared on the roof of the Monks House Playing Fields changing rooms in Pennygate, it has continued to “sadden” a local Catholic priest that nothing has been done about it.

Father Jim Burke said use of the image of the Madonna in this way was highly offensive. He said: “I have been aware of the graffiti and the attempts by some to have it removed.

“It personally saddens me the authority (South Holland District Council) has not responded in a more positive way.

“Personally speaking, it not only saddens me that anyone should create such an offensive image in the first place but also those in authority are doing absolutely nothing to resolve the issue.

“In my personal opinion not only does this image reflect badly on this wonderful town but even more badly on our councillors and political leaders.”

When the Spalding Guardian first spoke to South Holland District Council, its removal was “not on the priority list”.

However, in a statement issued yesterday, a spokesman said: “We have not dealt with any reports of graffiti on council-owned property in the district for several weeks.

“If graffiti is reported to us on council-owned buildings then we will try to remove it, where possible.

“Graffiti on private property can only be removed by the building’s owners.”

However, Spalding’s clean-up crusader Sandra White remains unconvinced it will be the end of the problem. She said: “I don’t know what triggers these things but it seems to be getting worse. They are trying to tell us something.”