Pre-school’s bid to brighten up storytime

Stepping Stones nursery, Pinchbeck'Application to smile fund
Stepping Stones nursery, Pinchbeck'Application to smile fund
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A pre-school is hoping to brighten up its storytime sessions if it is awarded a pot of cash from the Smile Fund.

Stepping Stones Pre-School runs five morning sessions a week for young children atSt Mary’s Church Hall, Pinchbeck.

The group has applied to the Spalding and District Round Table’s Smile Fund for £250, which it wants to spend on a creative safety floor and new carpet mats for children to sit on a group times.

Vicky Revel, the group’s acting deputy, said: “The children would benefit from having a large area where they will be able to experiment with many different creative resources, including paint, glue, sand and water.

“The floor mats are used when we have large group times, such as when we say hello to everyone in the morning, singing songs together and having group storytime.

“We would really like some bright colourful ones to replace our dark and dull ones because the children love anything colourful and bright.

“We feel this would have a huge impact in making the group times enjoyable and exciting for the children.”

Other applications include: Margaret Kenworthy, £400, to take Pop-in Luncheon Club members on a day out;

Shirley Freeman, £500, on behalf of a Donington family to buy a front gate and fence panel;

C R Schofield, £500, to provide hanging baskets and watering system at Pinchbeck Village Hall.