Praise for mystery passer-by who helped crash victim

Melanie Lewis's car in the ditch
Melanie Lewis's car in the ditch
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A MOTHER has praised a passer-by who stopped to comfort her daughter following a crash in West Pinchbeck on Boxing Day.

Janet Lewis, of Tollgate, Spalding, is now appealing for the mystery woman to come forward so she can thank her properly for her actions.

Janet’s daughter Melanie had been driving back to Derby after a Christmas break at about 7.40am on Sunday.

Melanie (26) was approaching West Pinchbeck on the A151 when her white Renault Clio skidded and she lost control.

Her car rolled and flipped over before coming to a standstill upside down in a ditch. Melanie escaped with only minor injuries.

The woman who stopped was driving a Land Rover and is believed to have been on her way to some stables in the Bourne area.

“I’d just like to thank her,” said Janet. “Without her help Melanie might have hyperventilated and stopped breathing.

“Melanie was so cold from the water she had icicles in her hair.”