POWER STATION: We need proper air monitoring

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I refer to Ben Smith’s letter in the Guardian of September 18.

He suggested that the installation of an air quality monitor now would be like doing a post mortem on a live matter.

Not so. In the words of Lee Child’s hero, Jack Reacher, we should ‘plan for the worst and hope for the best’.

By putting all his eggs in one basket – that is the protestors will be successful – he is really risking an inability to prove what is happening, if the power stations are actually built.

The reason that I am not joining in with the protest, is because I am of the opinion, that as the Government want ‘renewable’ energy at all costs to comply with EU demands, that if the plans are put to the Secretary of State, he will just ‘nod them through’.

Thus we will need proper air quality monitoring now, and in the future, just to be able to show what Mr Smith, et al thinks may happen, or not.

Chris Brandon-King

Sutton Bridge