POWER STATION PLAN: What if jet had hit stations?

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With reference to the proposed development of two new power stations at Sutton Bridge. There is one aspect which appears not to have occurred to South Holland District Council.

Sutton Bridge lies directly under the flight paths of the Air Force jets which go over for practice bombing in the Wash. They fly very low and are often armed with very nasty-looking missiles.

Has anyone for one moment considered what would happen if one of them were to crash on top of two gas-fired power stations and an incinerator?

We know it could happen – it already has, with a plane crashing near Spalding recently.

Imagine the consequences if these massive power stations were built and a plane were to crash there.

Why on earth should we be exposed to this appalling risk? Is it too much to hope that the council will see sense and throw out these insane plans?

Nina Wells

via email