Power cable cut with hacksaw

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A vandal risked death when cutting a live underground cable with a hacksaw in Spalding on Friday night.

More than 4,500 homes were plunged into darkness – some for as long as two-and-a-half hours – when the cable was attacked at 7.45pm.

Electricity distribution company Central Networks say a hacksaw was found lodged in the high voltage cable which crosses the old railway bridge on Cowbit Road.

Central Networks customer operations manager Phil Wilson said: “The sheer stupidity of cutting through live power cables is glaringly obvious, and anyone who tampers with our electricity network risks both life and limb.

“Whoever did this could quite easily have died – luckily in this case there was no report of injury.

“Attacks of this kind are just plain stupid and I can’t stress enough that they’re really not worth the risk.”

The hacksaw attack came less than a week after a similar incident in North Clifton, near Newark, when vandals risked their lives to steal 400 metres of copper cabling.

Police are investigating the Spalding incident and Central Networks are urging residents who have any information to contact police on 0300 111 0300.