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Inventor's new board game inspired by South Holland potholes

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Potholes blighting South Holland’s road have inspired the area’s favourite inventor to come up with a new game.

Spalding Guardian columnist John Ward says his inspiration for the new board game came after hitting two potholes along the A17.

Using materials close to hand, John has created a road layout which challenges players to fill a pot hole one at a time to get to the end.

John Ward has invented Pothole the game (45467597)
John Ward has invented Pothole the game (45467597)

Mr Ward said: “From a personal viewpoint Lincolnshire is blighted with potholes from major roads to side streets and a constant talking point, with forever debate about when or if they will be repaired.

“Although once repaired there is a very good chance the situation will return almost as soon as it’s been ‘repaired’ as the repair possibly was not as it should have been or rather it appears that way to the common layman.

“With possible damage to vehicles due to these ‘holes in the road’ plus drivers driven to distraction it’s now getting beyond a joke.

“I was driving down the A17 road last Easter time when I ‘hit’ two such holes, both within a few yards of each other, then felt the car really jar but the more I thought about it this is a right old game - three such jarrings and your left front wheel falls off crossed my mind.”

John Ward has invented Pothole the game (45467486)
John Ward has invented Pothole the game (45467486)

The game has been designed for two players - who must throw the dice from an upside down traffic cone - to navigate around the board.

Players have the option of picking a sports car, pick-up truck or a tractor as a marker.

Mr Ward said: “Realism comes in the form of a fly-tipped pile of rubbish left on the grass.

“Each player starts with a set of ‘hole fillers’ or plugs, each colour coded (initially black and white) to use to fill a pot hole when landing on one.

“Although its not that straight forward - much like reporting a pothole and expecting it to be attended to - as if you land on a square with a coloured star on it, you then pick a card from a pile with that coordinating star to find out if you can progress through to the next square or miss a go, forfeit a go to your opponent and so on.

“I am in the process of registering the design and copyrighting it at the moment, however as these real life pot holes affect many millions of motorists in this county alone, the possible potential for this game could - I stress – ‘could’ be very interesting.”

John Ward has invented Pothole the game (45467576)
John Ward has invented Pothole the game (45467576)

The issue of potholes on South Holland’s roads has become a hot topic with Spalding driver David Shea being left with a £500 bill after hitting a hole in Small Lane, near West Pinchbeck.

While our sister paper, The Lincolnshire Free Press, reported more than 15 potholes and ruts along Halmergate in Spalding.

  • Tell us about the worst affected roads in Spalding. Contact victoria.fear@iliffepublishing.co.uk

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