POT HOLES: Is this the best we can expect?

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Lincolnshire County Council seems to have spent a substantial amount of money on a new pothole rectifying machine which, to be quite honest, is making a huge mess and should be parked up at the depot and left there.

Not only is it now impossible to see where the potholes are, but the stuff it is laying in is six inches deep in some of the holes (over the top of water-filled muddy muddles) and not setting.

It won’t take the weight of a person standing in it, never mind a 44-tonne lorry.

The “repairs”, if you can call them that, are a road traffic hazard for cyclists.

I spotted one last week which a tractor had driven over – it is now like riding across a corrugated shed roof with two-inch deep ridges and holes.

On another, the bodged repairs were coming away where they were applied over the top of mud. It doesn’t take a qualified civil engineer to work out the fact that it isn’t going to stick to mud, surely? What happened to common sense?

What a complete waste of taxpayers’ money. Any other trade that left behind work of this quality would soon end up named and shamed on Rogue Traders.