POST-ELECTION THANKS: Results show Labour on rise

Matthew Mahabadi
Matthew Mahabadi
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Now that it has been a few weeks since the election, I wanted to thank everyone who supported me, morally and physically, throughout the campaign. I also want to give my congratulations to John Hayes for his victory – a hard fought and worthy opponent.

I would like to thank the candidates and the staff at the count, thank you for facilitating our incredibly valuable democratic process. Thank you to our local press for being so objective and balanced in their coverage of the election. I also wish to thank the electorate for exercising their right to vote, and of course thank you to those who believed change was possible and voted for me.

Thank you to our local press for being so objective and balanced in their coverage of the election

I would like to give special mention to my agent Rodney Sadd, council candidate Wojciech Kowalewski, my political mentor Simon Leyton and my fiancée Tanya for being there for me and working exceptionally hard in this campaign. All of you have given me the hope and conviction to fight hard for our Labour values and beliefs.

Finally, thank you to all of the volunteers and supporters of our small but passionate Labour group for their moral support, canvassing efforts and conviction. We are the true grassroots. I am sorry I was not able to win this for you but I know the party will continue to grow and we will challenge harder in the future.

Of course I am disappointed with the result – we wanted a victory for progress in our constituency. But this election has proven that Labour is getting back on its feet in our rural areas. We came third and took a decent share of the vote. Labour are now the largest progressive party in our area. We have reaffirmed our presence as the voice of the downtrodden worker and land labourer on zero hours contracts and poor pay, the council house tenants and struggling working families, the men and women fighting for a crumb in our land of plenty. We can only continue to grow in number to challenge the status quo here and elsewhere.

Labour are the only true opposition voice to the Tories. UKIP failed to reach their target and considering the huge amounts of money they threw at this campaign versus the pittance we spent, we achieved an exceptional result. It just goes to show that Labour votes are purchased only in the currency of kindness, humanity and decency (not fear, scapegoating and cynicism).

I hope many of you who decided to vote for change will now join our party as a member. We are growing steadily with new members every week and you will be a welcome new face. Why not join us and be part of the march of humanity and progress?

I must add finally that it was an honour to represent Labour in our area as a Parliamentary Candidate. What a great thing it is, and how fortunate we all are, to live in a democracy. I only hope I am able to stand again in the future for my party, in our incredible nation. The United Kingdom is the international torch-bearer of humanitarian values and liberal freedom of expression. I am so proud to be British when I see the passion of our Labour Party members, when I hear of their care and concern for their fellow citizens and for the future of this great country of ours.