Positive reaction to merger moves

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TEACHERS will not be made redundant as part of a merger of two Spalding schools.

From September, Spalding’s newly-created Sir John Gleed School will begin teaching some mixed-sex classes after the go ahead was given in January for the Gleed Girls’ Technology College and the Gleed Boys’ School to merge.

The changes mean some staff restructuring has been necessary, but headteacher Janet Daniels said she was pleased that it had not meant any redundancies for teaching staff, although a small number of support staff had lost their jobs.

She said: “The staffing changes are very nearly sorted out now and people are beginning to get excited about the changes.

“We have been very lucky because we have not had to make any teachers redundant.

“In this economic climate we have been very mindful to avoid redundancies, so we have kept them to a minimum.

“Job losses among support staff are in single figures and we have kept as many people as possible to ensure continuity.”

And Mrs Daniels said staff and pupils across both campuses are now beginning to get to know each other and work together ahead of the changes in September, which will see mixed-sex “options” classes for 14 to 16-year-olds.

Core subjects will still be taught in single sex groups, as will classes for 11 to 14-year-olds.

It is hoped that by joining boys and girls it will enable the school to offer a wider curriculum, improve educational standards, attract high quality teachers and secure the school’s future at a time when student numbers are expected to fall.

As a result the new Sir John Gleed School will become the first co-educational school in Spalding.

Mrs Daniels added: “We have started doing some repairs and maintenance on the buildings to make things come together and although it’s going to be a slightly disruptive time in some ways, people are feeling very upbeat about the changes that are going on.

“This is something we want, rather than something that has been foisted on us because of a black cloud hanging over one of the schools, so we are all feeling very positive that this move will make us even stronger.”