Poorly-used village hall could be gym

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A poorly-used community hall could be given a new lease of life as a sports centre in a bid to secure its future.

The committee responsible for Donington Community Centre has put forward the idea of a sports facility including gym – which could create up to five jobs – as it struggles to find ways of making ends meet.

The large brick hall, with a bar and kitchen, was built more than 20 years ago but use for large functions such as weddings has been dwindling.

The committee has enlisted the help of experienced project manager Sue Wray, who was instrumental in the creation of the new Butterfly Hospice, based in Boston which provides care for seriously ill people.

She said: “It was felt the hall would probably get more support if it was to become a sports facility, with a gym and provision for other sports activities – anything from keep fit classes to ballroom dancing to archery.

“It was felt that this would be a much more sustainable use for the building and one that could possibly attract the funding required to take it forward.

“It would also be a source of employment and could attract much wider interest than Donington, as the nearest gym is either Boston or Spalding.

“It’s a huge project, but how do you eat an elephant? – one mouthful at a time, so we just need to take it one step at a time and see how we get on.”

The next stage is to talk to the people of Donington and surrounding area to get their feedback on the idea and get more people willing to take the project forward.

Two meetings will be held, at the community centre in Towndam Lane, on Sunday from 11am and on Monday at 7pm.

Mrs Wray added: “The centre was set up as community amenity and we are determined it will stay that way, but it needs to be sustainable for years to come.”